POSITIONING 1.Prepara WALL MURALS wall or surface where you are placing. For proper adhesion of the photomural, It must be as clean and smooth as possible. Must eliminate imperfections with putty, loa plugging holes or cracks if any. 2.Sorts panelsRead More →

stickers forms

What are decorative vinyl? stickers. It is a PVC plastic material, with an adhesive side and one with a wide range of solid colors, Matte finishes giving visual sensation that seems that the drawing is painted on the wall, or in giving gloss finishRead More →

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DECORATIVE VINYLS Make sure that the surface where you are going to apply the decorative vinyl is clean, dry, without ridges nor humidities. This will ensure long life mode of the decorative vinyl, on your wall. If this newly painted wall, we recommend to let it dry for less 10Read More →